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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This page outlines some questions that might be on your mind as you consider participating.


How do I know my story is interesting enough?

​Most people don't think they have something worth sharing until someone else insists that they do. If you trust their judgement or can put humility aside and ask the question, "Could what I have learned be helpful to someone undergoing a similar adversity?" All modesty aside, one of the great tragedies is how many people die with a book still inside them. We believe you have a story the world needs to hear. Contact us and we will explore together how we can give your story light to inspire others with hope and grace through their troubled time. If it helps even one person breathe easier, wouldn't that be worth sharing?​


What if I don't think that I have the time or skill to write?


We appreciate that you may have flashbacks to school essay deadline anxiety or have a busy days and demanding responsibilities and a full-on lifestyle. There are several ways we can make it easier for you to contribute:

1. Editorial support with you every step of the way to chunk down your story into do-able steps until accomplished. 2. Ghostwriter support where you are interviewed, notes are taken, draft is shared, feedback collected , revised draft is shared for approval or additional changes. Time commitment is spread over months is approximately 7 to 10 hours. There is a fee for Ghostwriting services. We would love to talk.


How much will it cost?


Your investment option will be determined before you commit to the project by assessing with our best guess ahead of time how much time and talent it may take to get your story prepped for publishing.Note:We have no barriers inclusion policy for participation.* see footnote at the end.

Option 1: Your Pen. You write your own story. Only a few drafts and minor edits are needed to publish. Your Investment $97 plus tax. You will receive 3 complimentary copies and authors discount to purchase more.

Option 2: Shared Pen. We help you write your own story. This option is for significant editing before it can be published in one of the Gift of the Hit Series Books. We will help you pull together your drafts or notes, journal  entries, letters, etc., and we will help you edit for length and focus. Your investment $297 plus tax. You will receive 3 complimentary copies and authors discount to purchase more.

Option 3: Our Pen. We write your story from the beginning by assigning the task to the capable skills of our professional ghost writer (Did you think famous people actually write their own stuff?) The Ghost writer will interview your 2 or 3 times on the phone or in person and craft drafts for your review, feedback and /or sign off. Let's talk fee. You will receive 3 complimentary copies and authors discount to purchase more.


What do I get?


You get your chapter included with 19 other stories in your theme category in a professionally printed soft cover standard size 6" by 9" book. The book is cataloged for distribution through walk in bookstores and is listed with for sale in print and e-book versions with online bookstores including, Amazon and Indigo/Chapters, etc.) The book is converted to all current e-book versions (Kindle, Kobo, etc.). Every contributing author receives 3 complimentary copies and you also have the option to buy additional copies at an authors estimated discount of about $7 CDN per unit plus tax and shipping.


In addition to your chapter you have a full biography page at the end of your chapter with black and white photo, biography and links to any of  your websites, services, products, causes or interests you would love to promote.


What's expected of my role?


We have no expectations beyond dedicating the time needed to contribute and meet our publishing timelines and granting giving us permission to share your compelling story with the world. We encourage you to promote the books and invite others to contribute through your social and professional connections.


You are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to sell the books yourself or through organizations as a fund raiser. (Suggested retail is $19.05 plus 5% GST 0.95 = $20). We arrange for you to buy books you want to sell for your author's discount price of approx $7 each. (That's potentially $13 gross profit per book!) We can further support you with marketing ideas, and promo material like branded art work for online promotion or posters and cards customized for your initiative..


What's the fine print?

You retain all ownership rights to your edited and contributed chapter and grant us permission to create unlimited copies of print book format (ISBN) as well as electronic versions (ibook, kindle, kobo, etc.) maybe even audiobooks or a movie. We take the responsibility for creating, publishing and marketing the book and all profit earned is retained by Gift of the Hit Publications.


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* Authors who have a compelling story but are unable to invest in the fee

at this time are encouraged to ask about bursarys that are available.

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