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Guidelines For Contributing Authors*

Thank you for your interest in contributing to

one of the books in the Gift of the Hit Series

These are suggested guidelines to help you to craft a compelling narrative.

The most important thing is to tell your story, from your heart.

Explain your honest feelings, thoughts, spiritual struggles, etc.


* Write your own story or we can help you with a Ghost Writer



Suggested Length 3000 - 3500 words

1. Life Before the Hit

• Explain your life as it was
• How were things going? What was good? What was not so great?
• How did you see, or define, yourself? What was important to you? What were your values?
• What were your hopes and dreams?

2. The Hit

• What happened?​

• Tell your story about confronting adversity in your own words – include all the emotions you felt, your feelings, thoughts, doubts, fears, sorrows, pain and joy. Describe what you experienced.
• How were your hopes and dreams affected?

3. Turning Point


• Who, or what, guiding forces were present to you, in choosing your new path?
• What insights did you gain by dealing with your adversity?
• When did that happen in relation to your experience (hit)? Was it one moment? Or a series of moments? Or, a gradual shifting? What shifted and how?
• What helped you to face the pain? Did you need courage? If yes, where did the courage come from?  
• Describe the role of fear, if any, in your experience and in the decisions you made about how to cope/confront /live with your experience

4. The Gift

• Has your self-identity, or how you define yourself and your values, changed as a result of going through your experience?
• What has happened directly as a result of your painful experience, that has brought joy, goodness, or other positive things, into your life?

• Are there new things for which you are thankful, as a result of going through the hit?
• What are the gifts that have come from the hit?
• What was the path that you took to get to a place of feeling thankful, of healing, of feeling that positive things could happen directly as a result of the hit you experienced?
• Have your hopes and dreams changed?
• Have new things/people/experiences come into your life directly because of the hit you experienced? What has manifested itself? What have you invited in?
• Do you see things differently? If yes, how?
• Have you done things differently, changed your behaviour or attitude in a fundamental way? If yes, how?

5. What Still Hurts?

• Acknowledging the pain in human tragedy as well as the soul journey experience that can happen as a result of going through an extremely traumatic experience, in no way means that we would not un-do tragic events if we could. However, to transcend pain and trauma, we make meaning of it, and find the beauty and grace in all experiences. This particular kind of beauty and grace grows out of immense pain, and sometimes, suffering. Therefore the feelings of pain may never completely go away – perhaps they transmute into different forms that allow us to grow in ways we could never have imagined, and find ourselves thankful for the experiences that have led us to this place.
• What pain do you still feel, that allows you to tap into the journey you have been on, and which reminds you of this new path you’re travelling?
• How does this pain help you in your journey? What does it allow you to do?
• What do you need to allow yourself to do when you feel this pain? What helps? What have you learned about allowing it into your life?

• If the gift of your hit is continuing to unveil itself, that's okay. Be raw and real about how you are feeling. Are there any small blessings that you can see already having emerged from the experience?


If you are inspired to get involved please contact us

"Give people a fact or a idea and you enlighten their minds; tell them a  story and you touch their souls." - Hasidic proverb

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