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Keynote Speech

Opening - Embracing Adversity and the
Four Dimensions of Living Well Keynote Speech

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Embracing Adversity:
Life Happens, Then You Get to Choose

Whether coping with major changes at work, struggling with personal setbacks or confronting a disease diagnosis, the challenge is the same: How do you roll with the hit and get on with the joy of living and business of making a difference? In his keynote speech, Peter shares an intimate and humorous journey how he successfully moved through a devastating diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease at age 45 to believe in love again and become a first time Dad.

Peter’s ability to find the “Gift of the Hit” is a testament to the powers of faith, perspective and resiliency. Peter shares heart-warming and practical strategies with audiences eager to grow forward through adversity and change by holistically engaging four dimensions of what it means to be authentically human in otherwise vexing transitions. After all, whether you think you can or think you can’t embrace adversity, you’re right! This program helps people of all generations make their choice.

Sample Highlights



"Peter Davison received a standing ovation for his “Living Well” closing keynote at our Parkinson’s: Moving Forward conference. His presentation was so very positive and uplifting - a fantastic way to end the conference! Delegates gave Peter one of the highest ratings of all the speakers - and they loved the red noses!! Some of the many comments included: “Excellent person to give us an entirely different viewpoint regarding the handling of our challenge”, “Brilliant mix of heart and soul,” “Very, very entertaining and light hearted. Funny and bang on with his message of living well!” I would highly recommend Peter as a speaker for any conference where participant’s need inspiration to move forward with courage."

- Diane Robinson, CEO, Parkinson Society British Columbia



“Peter’s genuine warmth, caring and good natured humour completely captivate his audiences. His personal story is not only interesting, but his conveyed message is applicable not only to people living with Parkinson’s, but to anyone with a challenge in his or her life: you can see your ‘scars’ or you can look to the stars. His engaging presentation helps to bring self-awareness in a unique way to the listener, and help them to laugh at themselves and their situation. That laughter is healing. It resonates with attendees long after the day. Beyond his actual presentation, Peter is a wonderful warm person, who also happens to be a consummate professional. I would heartily recommend Peter Davison as a truly motivating speaker.”
- Sandie Jones, Client Services & Education Coordinator, Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario

"At the Prostate Cancer Canada National Conference in Halifax I had the HONOUR of participating in a Laughter Power presentation with Peter Davison. Peter is a motivational speaker who has the rare ability to speak from the heart and tickle your funny bone. In a room of eighty people he gathered us close to him with some personal stories and then helped us drop our inhibitions. Everyone in the room followed his lead and had a great time introducing themselves to strangers amongst noises of heartfelt laughter. Peter is a master motivational speaker in bringing people together with a smile on their face and laughter in their belly."
- Gerry Pielsticker, Chair, Oakville-Mississauga Chapter, Prostate Cancer Canada

“What a delight it was to have Peter participate in our Annual Virginia Parkinson’s Disease Community Education Day on October 22, 2011 attended by over 250 people. Peter shared candidly what it is like living with PD and the importance of not letting it run your life. His personal stories of triumph over adversity were life affirming and motivational. We all experienced a variety of emotions in that short hour but walked away feeling renewed. Peter’s genuine concern for others was evident in his presentation style as he brought valuable insights, strategies and hope to participants. Not surprisingly, the audience was inspired to thank Peter with a standing ovation -- what a memorable way to wrap up a great conference.”

- Miriam,  Lynn, Susan, Andrea and Kathy, Parkinson's Conference Organizing Cttee, Southeast Parkinson's Disease Research Education and Clinical Center (PADRECC), Richmond, VA

Peter Davison shared his "Living Well" message with humor and his touching diagnosis story that engaged everyone at our Regional Parkinson’s Conference with hope and strength. While evaluation comments such as, “When do we get to hear him again!" and "He was the best motivational speaker I have ever heard!” reflected his impact, a lasting heart-warming outcome came two months after the event. A couple wrote us to share the impact that Peter’s presentation had on their relationship. They laugh more and talk more than they ever had before. They even continued to wear the fun clown noses that Peter introduced to ensure they smiled every day. With lasting results like this, I am pleased to highly recommended Peter if you want a powerful speaker with an incredible message of hope.
- Tracey Jones, Manager, Programs and Services, Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario

"Peter’s presentation at our Parkinson’s conference was the highlight of the day.  His personal story of living with Parkinson’s made the audience even more receptive to his message of hope – and of course his ‘insider’ sense of humour demonstrated the power of attitude in dealing with Parkinson’s.  I would highly recommend Peter for any speaking engagement.  He is inspiring and has a message we can all learn from."
- Catriona Johnson, Executive Director, Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson's Centre, Victoria, BC

"Peter’s presentation on the Four Dimensions of Living Well with Chronic Illness was a perfect complement to our 1st Annual Parkinson Connections Education conference. He was brilliant in his presentation, having you in tears at one moment and laughing the next. Those who were lucky enough to hear Peter present left our conference feeling inspired, educated and lighter than when they walked through the doors. Peter made everyone feel comfortable and taught them a lesson they were easily able to take home with them to help improve their quality of life. We are forever grateful for the impact Peter had on the Parkinson community in Saskatchewan and are hopeful to have him back in the future."
Travis Low, Executive Director, Parkinson Society Saskatchewan


Peter’s presentation was uplifting and meaningful. He has a true gift of connecting with others through humor and his life’s experience.  He made our Parkinson Disease Awareness Day refreshing and entertaining.  We hope to have him back in 2014.

- Anne Gorrigan, APDA Vermont Information and Referral Center, Coordinator Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Day 2013


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