David Hart Farewell Events

Please enjoy and  share this URL address with anyone who would like to experience selected video clips from various events celebrating David Hart and his ministry at BUC.


David's Toast and Roast Thursday Evening June 21, 2018*
(*See BUC Website for Unedited Full Event Video  http://bedfordunited.com/video-archive/)

Choir Skit https://youtu.be/rU7CU30eePk
Staff Schedule Song https://youtu.be/SDRNU6Czbm8
Gordons Generation https://youtu.be/txDwxD-2mD4

Funeral Girls Poem https://youtu.be/fJxQcY7k9q8
Andrea https://youtu.be/Paefj-BHuG0
Hassan https://youtu.be/m4vDqM4gfOk

I Suggest Song https://youtu.be/tFBFbHIhQtk

Wild Women Celebrate Daniele  https://youtu.be/NaPyESRZNfs
Jane's Screech Out https://youtu.be/9IONKazEcSw

Theatre Group - Time of Your Life https://youtu.be/YhnrBhq6OaY
Nic Sings https://youtu.be/ZvMUPCxEdpk
Paul's Tour Drive https://youtu.be/DWgqIg0oDzI

ReGenesis https://youtu.be/kwbekcNuZr8
Spirit Rising https://youtu.be/x-ywd4KWs6o
Warren Blues Jam / Memory Book Presentation  https://youtu.be/f12sWPQDjXQ
Davids Last Word https://youtu.be/0J_jFPFVTk4

Saturday Dinner June 23

Jen Blessing https://youtu.be/5r8wSNVOJKE
Rena and Darrell Speeches https://youtu.be/bniUg-efASI
Val's Speech https://youtu.be/HJgJZQ9Atpg

A New Hope Skit  https://youtu.be/RvnoYdXcoH0
Danielle Thanks https://youtu.be/RRn4WI8Pa7U
Pat Watson Song and Slides https://youtu.be/cucr9Mx8wVM
Davids Last Word  https://youtu.be/lqxCJo_pCn8
Helen Home Prayer https://youtu.be/f-xephrn-jw

Sunday Farewell Service June 24, 2018*

Re-Covenanting Gifts https://youtu.be/T9lIpqa812c
Davids Last Word (Really) https://youtu.be/sVixuZQcYPo