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Helping You "Artichoke" Your Hits
to Get Grateful for Your Gifts

"Of all the creatures of earth, only human beings can change their patterns. We alone are the architects of our destiny. Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives."     -- William James.

Chatting with free internet phone and video available.

Personal Coaching
Shift Happens, After You Get to Choose​

I Honour Your Curiosity, Welcome

What if our life experiences can be seen as 10% event and 90% how we think about that event? And what if we only really have two mental perspective choices, that the event hit is either a blessing or a curse and we lock into either a gratitude attitude or stinking thinking viewpoint? And what if we held the power to choose our viewpoint and change our results?

What's your event hit? Whether coping with fear of change, difficult people under your skin, regret of the past, struggling with personal setbacks in 7 areas of life (mental, emotional, physical, social, career, financial, spiritual) or confronting a disease diagnosis, the challenge is the same: How do you roll with the hit and get on with the joy of living and business of making a difference?

Worth doing?

1. Now is the right time to trust myself to get honest, go deep and grow ahead.
2. My work and my life are demanding and I want to find ways to handle the increasing complexity.
3. I'm open and willing to "try on" new concepts, perspectives or different ways of seeing and doing things.
4. I am tired of attracting what I judge

5. I want to find what is missing in my life and relationships
6. I need help to solve problems that get in the way of motivating myself

7. I am willing to confront the self-defeating behaviors that limit my success.
8. I am ready, willing and able to invest time, energy and $400 in my self development and success.

9. I see coaching as a worthwhile investment in my life and I didn't flinch at the investment price because I believe I am worth that and more.

10. I believe that the best person to help me overcome my hit is someone who is a trained coach and has lived through their own hits and gifts discoveries!


If you say YES! to one or more of these coaching incentives then the time is right


I work with people who have already done a lot of hard work and soul searching to get where they are and desire deeper insights to line up the last few degrees in order to prosper unfettered. Regardless of your age, background or the type of hit you’re facing, the principles and strategies used are universal.


We have four one-hour tele-coaching sessions and homework as inspired in between. That's all it takes for everyone I have worked with. Why? Because we apply the 10/90 principle to get to the heart of the hits and their gifts by artichoking (Peeling back layers to get to the heart) efficiently and effectively.


"I recently hired Peter to help me sort out and make sense of some deep-seated personal issues that were keeping me from achieving my long term goals. His approach was fantastic and really opened my eyes. Instead of telling me what I “had to do” to fix my problems, he simply asked me a series of probing questions which allowed me to provide myself with the answers. Pure genius if you ask me. I found that his particular methods worked wonders on a strong-willed person like myself. If you have the resources, I would definitely recommend speaking with Peter. He will change your life forever!

- Professional Photographer

"I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited immensely from my consultation with you. Your directness was like a splash of refreshing salted ocean water - so greatly needed but a little tinged - it is within the tinged portion that I benefited the most."    

- Previously Blocked Writer/Lawyer

"My personal coaching sessions with Peter provided me with a safe confidential, contemplative space where I could begin to see the potential in all of the chaos and to find comfort and peace through the tending of my personal garden (self care and self love). Every human being needs this process and support at some time in their life. I was very fortunate to receive Peter as my life journey personal coach."
- Field Operations Manager

"Peter came to my attention while we shared a table at a business lunch. I sensed right away that Peter was different in so many ways than many who I had met in the coaching field.  I called Peter the next day to see if he could help me with a relationship issue that was causing some limiting beliefs.  Peter through a process identifying why I felt I was being unnecessarily judged was then able to identify exactly what my stumbling block was. I was then to able tackle my issue head on without fear. A burdensome weight of decades has been lifted off my shoulders. I have Peter to thank for that."
- Senior Sales Executive

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